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Homeward bound! We are thrilled to have found a loving and caring home for Olive with the Byrd family. At Rose Paws LLC, we pride ourselves on matching our puppies with families who share our passion for dogs and will provide them with a forever home. Thank you to the Byrd family for opening up your hearts and home to Olive. We are excited to welcome you into the Rose Paws family!



We are thrilled to announce that Cavi has found his new loving home with the Madhavan family. We would like to officially welcome them to the Rose Paws family and thank them for giving Cavi a new home filled with love and care.



We are delighted when our clients choose to adopt again from us at Rose Paws LLC. Our priority is to provide our clients with the best possible experience when adopting their new furry family members. Chelsey, who previously adopted Roxy, has decided to get another cavalier from us. We are so happy that she chose us again and we are confident that Milo will fit right in at home with Roxy.

"Chloe's Child"



At Rose Paws LLC, we take pride in finding the perfect homes for our adorable puppies. We are excited to announce that Roxie, one of our sweetest puppies, has found her new home with Debbie. We know that Debbie will provide Roxie with all the love and care she deserves. Thank you for choosing Rose Paws LLC as your trusted dog breeder.



Welcome to Rose Paws LLC, where we breed and raise happy, healthy puppies. Georgia is one of our beloved puppies who has found her forever home in College Station, Texas. We are thrilled that she has found a loving family and look forward to hearing about her new adventures.



Rosie is the newest member of the Rose Paws family and has already found her forever home with the Grosso's. The Grosso's previously adopted Marcie from us two years ago and love her tremendously. They have shown their love for Marcie by welcoming Rosie into their home as a surprise gift for dad. I am so proud to have been able to offer Marcie and Rosie to this loving family and I know that Rosie will be happy and loved in her new home.

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We are thrilled to announce that one of our puppies, Webby, has found a new home. She will be residing in Mississippi with her new loving owners who cannot wait for her to come home. We believe that all of our puppies deserve to be in a loving home, and we are excited that Webby has found hers.



Our latest addition has found his forever home with Mr. Green in Flint, Texas. We love to hear about the happiness our puppies bring to their new families. We are known for our commitment to breeding healthy, well-socialized pups that make excellent family pets. Every dog we breed is exceptional with a unique personality and temperament to match. We are proud of our breeding program and the joy it brings to people's lives.



We are thrilled to announce that Seager has found a new home in Maud, Texas with Jakob and his family! We know that Seager will be loved and well taken care of in his new home.



It is always so bittersweet when my puppies leave my home, but I am thrilled to announce that Hachiko has found his forever home! He will be living with his new family in the beautiful city of Austin, TX.

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